LED Light Up Dance Floor

Looking for something different?


Create a stunning centre piece to excite your guests with our Amazing LED Light Up Dance Floor, guaranteed to give your guests that wow factor they just can't resist! 

Match your Wedding or Corporate colour scheme with the millions of possible colours available with the LED Light Up Dance Floor and on our full size floor a message can be pre-programmed in to it. 

The LED Light Up Dance Floor has hundreds of pre-programmed patterns from zig zags to stunning rainbow effects and comes in one meter square sections which enables us to create the perfect shaped and sized dance floor to suit your venue


LED Light Up Dance Floor Only Price Guide


Two 1m x 1m Raised Light Up
Dance Podiums                                            £150

3m x 2m.....6 Squares                                  £350

3m x 3m.....9 Squares                                  £549

2m x 5m...10 Squares                                  £649

4m x 3m...12 Squares                                  £749

4m x 4m...16 Squares                                  £849

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