wedding DJ 2015

The wedding package has been designed with the modern day Bride in mind. Today it's all about enhancing the features’ in you surrounding with a smart and stylish setup.

The stylish Glow DJ both and lighting stands have specially designed covers that enable us to turn them into any colour.

Bringing the benefit of hiding unsightly stands and turning them into bespoke features

The lighting is designed to create a dynamic atmosphere for all parts of the night. The use ambient lighting effects create a welcoming relaxed atmosphere while your guest are arriving. Projecting silhouette of a bride and groom into colour washed room.


Staying true to the modern day wedding DJ.

The powerful compact micro PA system we use ensures the speaker are as discrete as possible. Quality sound being the focus while maintain the smallest foot print.

All our Wedding DJ’s with years of experience have outstanding ability to program music catering for all your guests. We strongly encourage our bride and groom to give us there top 10 so we can integrate your music into the evening’s entertainment.

You have spent the time choosing the right venue.  Now let us complement it.


Providing the entertainment, fitting lighting and sound around it..

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